Thankfulness Creates Gratitude

Nov Thanks

Ah, Fall. One of my favorite times of they year. I just love the colors, the anticipation of the holidays, the giving and thankful  sentiments that brew in peoples’ hearts, the warm cozy nights huddled up under a blanket…I think my Guest Writer and friend, Elyse caps off this transitional season into this month’s inspiration about thankfulness:

I think L.M. Montgomery said it best when she wrote: “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” The days may get shorter this time of year, but when the chill in the air starts to settle in, I find myself looking in awe at the world around me. From the vibrantly beautiful leaves to warm cups of hot cocoa, autumn brings about a depth of thankfulness in me that no other season does.

And in my autumn-loving eyes, it is perfectly fitting that fall is capped off—essentially—with the ultimate day of thanks: Thanksgiving. But for everyone else not enamored with the idiosyncrasies of autumn, there are three other seasons and many more days full of special moments, loved ones, and favorite things for which we can be thankful.

No matter what we’re thankful for or when we find ourselves being thankful for it, what is important is that we take time to be thankful. To acknowledge all of the things in our life that make it beautiful. It can be very easy to get lost in the heaviness and negativity of the world around you these days, but taking a few moments here and there to look at all the things you do have, and at all the wonderful things around you, can help bring a keen perspective to your life.

It not only helps us little by little, day by day, but this perspective that comes from moment by moment thankfulness begins to morph into an even greater feeling of gratitude—a gratitude that begins to seep its way into how you see the world and live your life. The heaviness and negativity of the world around you begin to lighten, creating more space for peace and joyful living.

So, when the world feels so beautiful you think you’ll burst, or when someone you love smiles in just the right way, or when you take a bite of your favorite meal, give yourself a minute to be thankful, knowing that the gratitude and peace to follow will help create more beautiful moments and days ahead.