Twitter 101 : How to Set up a Twitter Account for Your Business

Twitter 101
You’ve researched and read about Twitter, and now you’re ready to take the plunge and set up your account for your business. This is the first of a series of “Twitter 101″ posts to help get your started! If Twitter is right where your audience “lives” and interacts-it’s time to get going. You can connect in real time, with people right next door or across the world. Twitter can help build your business and accomplish your mission to help people.
But how do you do that? I remember when I first started on Twitter, I felt awkward. Like going to my first school dance. Don’t worry-it’s normal! Starting something new is always a little intimidating, but carry on-you can do this!  There are people like me, who are there to help guide you. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Step One:

Go to Fill in your Name or Business name, email, choose a password and click the button, Sign up for Twitter.

Step Two:

Next, you’ll see this Join Twitter Today page.
It will autofill with the full name, email and password, but here’s where you will choose your username. Your username is pretty important, so make sure you choose one that is easily remembered and professional. However, you can change your username later on. If you need some help-check out this post on by Choosing the Right Twitter Username.
Click on Create my account once you’ve chosen an available user name.
Twitter Sign Up

Step 3: Twitter gives you a 60 second tour of your account.

First, Twitter will help you build your timeline. Your Timeline is the “feed” of tweets of people that you follow. Choose a few people that you know or want to follow. You’ll also have the option of allowing Twitter to securely search your contacts for people to follow.

Step 4: Upload your profile photo and Enter a bio.

  • Image: Make sure your photo is a professional shot, or consistent with your business brand. If you are using your business logo, make sure that it is sized appropriately and not cut off. This is what everyone will see when they see your tweets in their timelines.
  • Bio: Make it count! The bio is your most important part of your Twitter profile. For tips on How to Write a rockstar Twitter Bio-read this article by Amy-Mae Elliott on Mashable.

Step 5: Add a header photo.

Now that you’ve completed the Twitter Tour, take your branding to the next level. Make sure you add a header image that is consistent with your business or brand. Make it stand out and show who you are! Check out how MorningStar Farms branded their profile. Click on Edit profile, and then add a header photo. Once uploaded, save your changes.

Step 6: Confirm your Twitter Account

Make sure you confirm your account when Twitter sends you the confirmation email. It’s easy-just click on the link in the email.
That’s it! Now you are ready to start listening, joining in and tweeting!
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