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Social Media: Personal Branding and Business Branding

Frequently, clients ask: should I use my personal profile or my business profile to promote my business on social media? Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer. For every business, and every individual, the question will […]

Passion Makes Purpose

Another fantastic guest post from my friend, Elyse Pollak.-Julie   Helen Keller. U2. William Shakespeare. Gandhi. Steve Jobs. What is the one thing all of the above people have in common? To put it succinctly, my […]

A Note on Confidence

Guest Post by my friend, Elsye Pollak. Thanks Elyse, for sharing this great post on Confidence! I had just arrived at LAX. After a pit stop in the ladies room (sweet relief), a burrito (delicious), […]

Give What You Have-Doing Good in the Neighborhood [#03]

Doing Good in the Neighborhood: Good People. Doing Good. Stories about people and organizations “unsung heroes” in this world, quietly transforming lives.    One minute with Jennifer Knepper is all you need to feel inspired. Kind, sweetly […]